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Budget 6 euros Stockholm

The exhibition "Budget 6 euros: artistic practices and precariousness" curated by Cabello/Carceller, presented in 2010 in Off Limits space, will be developed in the context of Supermarket Art Fair: an anual international meeting of artist collectives in Kulturhuset, Stockholm.

The exhibition opens up a dialog between the artistic contexts of Spain and Sweden under the following questions: What position the artists occupy in our current social context? What position art occupies?

In spite of that, in large part of the society remains seated the idea that art

In spite of the fact that there is a belief that art and the artists occupy a space economically buoyant, reality shows that it is a context in which the ways of making are increasingly precarized. This exhibition is as an open proposal DESD

The exhibition is an open proposal from the awareness that this situation should improve and be denounced, in order to be able to think about the present.

Spanish artists: Jana Leo, Ángela Cuadra, Momu & No Es, [E.G+Y.M], Díaz y Gimeno, Nuria Güell, Daniela Ortiz and Alejandra Valero.

Swedish artists seleccted by Cabello / Carceller and Estelle af Malmborg (Kulturhuset): Dorinel Marc, Petra Ober, Pacoco Gil, Maria Lilja, Andrea Hvistendahl and Solveig Lindgren Inderbitzin / Joanna Thede.

Supermarket Art Fair is a non-profit international art fair, , created and managed by artists, that exhibits the latest trends in contemporary art. This year the fair will have more than fifty artistic collective from twenty european and american countries.

"Budget 6 euros: artistic practices and precariousness" is a co-production among Off Limits and the Spanish Embassy in Sweden, with the support of Spanish Ministry of Culture de España and the cooperation of Supermarket Art Fair

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