Disco Soup

Against food waste

November 23th 2013 from 18 h.
Food, recycling

Recycled Food, canned food, music, ideas, projects and a lot of fun!

On Saturday 23 November, we organised a Disco Soup to put in common projects and people interested in the recycling and sharing of food. If you have an idea, a project, a collective that you want to publicize you are invited, there is open micro... if you don't have it, you are also invited!!

Disco Soup is a festive /vindicatory event originating in anti-waste food collectives from France and Germany. An event participatory and festive that has become very popular in large European cities. If you are coming this Saturday, you're going to cut, strip, cook, preserve, redistribute food and dance!

Comida Basura, the collective from Madrid and its platform Foodsharing, organize this format of recycled food dinner for all, through food donated by some of the capital most important ecological superpermarkets. Don't hesitate, come to have fun. Don't forget, bring your Tupper and the shopping bag.

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