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Fabulamundi. Playwriting Europe. First presentation in Spain at Teatro Pradillo

The Dangerous Opportunity



With the presentation at Teatro Pradillo on February 28th, arrives to Spain The Dangerous Opportunity, the second edition of Fabulamundi. Playwriting Europe, a project that aims to show European dramas and drive translation, dissemination and free interpretation of theatrical texts. Fabulamundi continues in July at the Sala Beckett in Barcelona (Grec festival) and in October at the Centro Párraga de Murcia.

For Teatro Pradillo, Fabulamundi is "a contemporary, diverse and differential writing for the stage. Which takes risks and dares. And which moves in the gaps of new and not yet explored fields". The theater offers three readings by Gianina Carbunariu (Romania), Enrico Castellani (Italy) and Letizia Russo (Italy), dramatists from different styles and perspectives that will be read by three performers who live and work in Madrid: Fernanda Orazi, Claudia Faci and Miguel Ángel Altet. A team of independent publishers have collaborated with the selection of the texts: Antonio Fernández Lera (Pliegos de Teatro y Danza), Sandra Cendal (Continta Metienes) and Carlos Rod (La uÑa RoTa). Rod works with Gethsemaní de San Marcos in the project’s development at Pradillo.

Pradillo’s program will be accompanied by a meeting with guest authors at Aula de las Artes of the University Carlos III of Madrid (Puerta de Toledo Campus) on Saturday from 16h to 19h.

Fabulamundi is a project funded by the European Union’s Culture programme, coordinated by PAV-Rome, coorganised by National Theatre of Târgu-Mureș (Romania) and Off Limits (Madrid), with the collaboration of twelve theatres and festivals of Italy, Romania, France, Germany and Spain, with the aim to make the contemporary European dramaturgies known, and to foster the translation, dissemination and free interpretation of theatre texts.


Saturday, 1th March, from 16 to 19h, at Aula de las Artes Universidad Carlos III(Puerta de Toledo campus).

Conversation with Enrico Castellani, Letizia Russo and Gianina Carbunariu.

Saturday 1th and Sunday 2th March, 21h at Teatro Pradillo.

First love, by Letizia Russo.
Read by Michelangelo Altet, translated by Raquel Vicedo.

Micaela, the tigress of our city, by Gianina Carbunariu.
Read by Fernanda Orazi, Claudia Faci and Chakaroun Ziad, from Antonio Fernández Lera's proposal, according Fagadaru Doina's translation. With the collaboration of Oscar G. Villegas and Nilo Gallego.

The End, by Enrico Castellani / Valerie Raimondi.
Read by Fernanda Orazi and Claudia Faci, with Chiara Marilena's translation. With the musical collaboration Gichi Gichi-Do.

More info.: Teatro Pradillo.

  • Enrico Castellani

    Enrico Castellani

  • Letizia Russo

    Letizia Russo

  • Gianina Cărbunariu

    Gianina Cărbunariu

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