(Re) thinking the edge: self-management strategies in contemporary art

Meeting with Ana María Saavedra and Luis Alarcón (Galería Metropolitana, Chile)

Tuesday 18th February, 21.45h

contemporary art, cutural management, self-management strategies

Ana María Saavedra and Luis Alarcón, directors of Galería Metropolitana (Chile), offer an open meeting called "(Re) thinking the edge: self-management strategies in contemporary art". Based in their self-management project, they will talk about the principal lines of having and support a place where contemporary art manifestations get along with a public who have been traditionally distant from them.

Galería Metropolitana is a private space of exhibition and distribution of contemporary art located in a peripheral district of Santiago de Chile (an industrial district and residence of workers). The work program is defined as hypothetical and constantly experimental. It is almost entired financed by its directors and artits's self-management capacity, and the gallery gives a vital importance to the neighborhood and its relations with the artist's work.

The initiative created bt Saavedra and Alarcón searches that relationship between the center and the periphery, "the critical operation performed by Galería Metropolitana by its own name is an attempt to self-building and, thus, dislocating space systems that the periphery requires to maintain their confinement".

More info.: Galería Metropolitana.