A storyboard workshop for teen filmmakers

"Hi, you are making a film (Morocco, Portugal, Spain)"

From November 30th to December 2nd.
Cinema, film, workshop, participatory project

The collective film project 'Hi, you are are making a film' continues the adventures of its new edition, which will take place on Morocco, Portugal and Spain.

The storyboard workshop for teenagers between 16 and 18 years old, will take place in Off Limits.

The workshop is free. People interested can register by sending an email to

Workshop schedule is as follows:
Friday, 30, from 17 to 21 h.
Saturday 1 and Sunday 2, from 11 to 14 and 16 to 20 h.

More information:

The main goal of 'Hi, you are making a film (Morocco, Portugal, Spain)' is to create a collective film with adolescents between 16 and 18 year old in Madrid, Abrantes and Tangier. The project produces a film that every one of the participants consideres yours, and that, at the same time, perceives as a collective creation.

In this second phase that is now celebrated in Madrid, the teenagers will have the opportunity to learn how to draw a film technical script sequentially during one week.The goal is transmit to the children the basic skills and knowledge to address the translation from a literary script to audiovisual.

‘Hi, you are making a film (Morocco, Portugal, Spain)" will be developed in four phases ending June 2013: scriptwriting, story board, shooting and film premiere. Script and story board will be developed in the three countries through workshops with teenagers. The process starts in Spain where the first group proposes the beginning of the script, Portugal develops it and young Moroccans finish it.

The process second phase is the transformation of the literary script into an audiovisual storyboard. Following, the film will be shot, frame by frame, by different people who just know the frame they have to shot, but not the rest of the story.

The whole process will be documented in the blog .

The final film will have three versions, in Spanish, Portuguese and Arabic.

The premier of the film will take place simultaneously in Abrantes (Portugal), Madrid (Spain) and Tangier (Morocco), with a common presentation through streaming.

‘Hi, you are making a film (Morocco, Portugal, Spain)", is promoted by Maelstrom / Off Limits with the participation of Espalhafitas,Atatour-Arej and the support of the Collaboration Grants of the European Cultural Foundation