Dancing with Sheldon! Body Mind Centering meets Wearable_Dynamics

Paola Tognazzi's workshop

saturday 15th 2014, 12h
workshop, dancing, innovation, technology, mocap, art

Would you like to be Sheldon Cooper from the first time you saw ‘The Big Bang Theory’? Do you have the desire of being the main actor of ‘Holy Motors’, experiencing the mocap technique? Paola Tognazzi, multimedia artist and an expert in interactive systems, gives you the opportunity to shorten the distance between your body and technology in her workshop "Dancing with Sheldon! Body Mind Centering meets Wereable_Dynamics" , where you could taste the mocap technology to have an innovative and creative experience.

At the three hours workshop, Tognazzi will apply program methodologies based in code to scan the exploration and the choreographic composition, and also the physical awareness development through mocap bracelets. This technique allows the recording of physical movements in digital formats, and it’s used extensively in the film industry. The most common example is seen in the animated films, where actors use to evoke digital models.

'Dancing with Sheldon! Body Mind Centering meets Wearable_Dynamics' is divided into two parts: a physical examination of the different qualities of movement and body patterns using techniques of Body Mind Centering; and the experience of experimenting how to change the dynamics movements and choreographic sequences through having feedback with sensors .

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Workshop costs 30 €

About Paola Tognazzi

Paola Tognazzi develops interactive systems and creates artistic experiences that involve physically and emotionally to the audience and encourage the development of sensory awareness . Multimedia artist and choreographer studied industrial design at the IED in Milan, Philosophy at the University of Bologna and graduated from the MTD and SNDO Art Academies in Amsterdam , specializing in theater direction with interactive audiovisual installations . She worked as assistant of Sasha Waltz Nobody with Min Tanaka in Japan, and as executive producer of interactive films at Studio Azzurro, Milan. In 2008 she founded Wearable_Dynamics Research. She has creative workshops in Asia and Europe. In 2011, she worked with Group works with i68, software engineering Donostia, under Improbable Connections such as R & D couching creative innovation in devising interfaces to access information systems.

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