The Spanish Language Day

Cervantes Institute

Years 2009 to 2011

In 2009, the Cervantes Institute commissioned Off Limits the conceptualization of an event to celebrate its adulthood in the 73 headquarters that it has in over 40 countries worldwide. Thus was born the Spanish Language Day, popularly known as E Day, being our team in charge of its international definition and coordination during the first three editions.

Off Limits has been responsible for the conceptualization, design and overall coordination of the event. Among its works can also be mentioned: production, dissemination and consulting, creation, design, coordination, content development and updating of the website, design and implementation of social media campaign, definition and management of the international communication campaign based as follows:

• Drafting of notes, reports and press releases
• Development of arguments for the spokesmen of the project
• Arrangement of interviews and agreements with media partnerships
• Organization of press calls and passes for the print media
• Personal contact with journalists
• Development of quantitative and qualitative reports of media coverage
• Updating of databases
• Arrangements for sending and receiving audiovisual images via ftp

The Cervantes Institute is a public institution created by Spain in 1991 for the promotion and teaching of the Spanish language and the dissemination of the Spanish and Latin American culture. Based in these two pillars, Off Limits design in 2009 the Spanish Language Day, an international celebration that takes place on the Saturday nearest the summer or winter solstice in the 73 headquarters that the Cervantes has in 42 countries on five continents. The celebration has two pillars, an international cultural event, opened by a barrage of words from the facades of all the world Cervantes institutes, and a online relational action based on the richness and learning of the Spanish language promoted through the interactive platform, so as to encourage interaction and knowledge of our language among Spanish speakers around the world in a fun an participatory way.